Enjoy your Summer pool party with landscape lighting

Enjoy your Summer pool party with landscape lighting


I can’t believe, it’s august already, summer is almost gone and fall approaching fast and soon we will be facing winter knocking at our door. Days are getting shorter; soon we will be losing our enjoyable time outdoors, forcing us indoors. But wait, who said that we should be indoors due to loss of light due to shorter days. Well, if you have desire to enjoy your evenings, with a camp fire going on, roasting marshmallows, keep your BBQ grill going as the weather permit or enjoy your outdoor pool, we @ illuminated gardens are here to make it happen. You can take your parties a notch up by adding landscape lighting and provide a unique character to your extended living space: your back yard. We at illuminated gardens, excel in capturing your imagination and turning it into reality.

Keep the party on

Well, lighting can be as simple as putting some solar lights in your backyard or for your front elevation, get some light big box store and stick in ground or hire a qualified professional to create dramatic scenes based on your usage needs and environment. There are sophisticated controllers that a qualified professional can install in conjunction with photo sensors and timers to wow your guests and envoy your neighbors. With right design and implementations, you could create several usage scenes with one design/installation.

Highlight pool edges-Underwater lights

Your landscape lighting does not have to stop adding some path lights or accent lights. If you have a pool and want to personalize, you can hire qualified professionals, who can take care of all the state codes and above all your safety and design a system that is suitable for in water installation, install system for the pool visibility to enhance safety. Very dramatic scene can be created and with a little investment, you can transform your ordinary pool to a 5 star living space.

 Illumination level: just subtle

When planning a landscape lighting system, several factors needs to be considered, which include, safety, security and appeal. Just to be frank, we want to illuminate what we want to be seen rather than make everything to seen. We are not creating a runway to land planes; rather we are creating an artistic environment that focuses your attention to key prominent features. For every implementation, scene needs to be envisioned to select the right product for particular implementation. There are path lights, which would with proper design would safely guide you through your property with causing any distraction due to excess or lack of illumination. Adding appropriate level of illumination to

Firepit and lounge away from water

As we approach fall, the temperature is falling and that’s when fire pits come into play. Everyone is hurdled around the firepit, enjoying the evening and Flames always create dramatic counterpoint to soft sounds of pool. However, we cannot be complacent regarding safety, as firepits are becoming more and more integral part of landscape design, firepit related injury on rise as well (nbcnews, june,2018). With adequate and strategically illumination, we can reduce the number of accidents happening. That is where the experts @ illuminated gardens come in to strategically design a system for ambiance and safety.

Landscape lighting: illumination with endless possibilities.

With landscape lighting the possibilities are endless, you can create an ordinary backyard into a scenic master piece, for example, by adding lighting to your pergola and integrating low voltage mosquito repellent system to your lighting circuit, you can bring a 5-star dining experience to your backyard. You will be surprised to learn what landscape lighting can add to ambiance of your property. People at Illuminated gardens are looking forward to create stunning lighting design for your home. For free quote contact us today.

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