Enjoy your Summer pool party with landscape lighting

I can’t believe, it’s august already, summer is almost gone and fall approaching fast and soon we will be facing winter knocking at our door. Days are getting shorter; soon we will be losing our enjoyable time outdoors, forcing us indoors. But wait, who said that we should be indoors due to loss of light due to shorter days. Well, if you have desire to enjoy your evenings, with a camp fire going on, roasting marshmallows, keep your BBQ grill going as the weather permit or enjoy

How to eliminate bad landscape lighting?

When it comes to the world of landscape lighting, we have encountered many people who have had a bad experience with their displeasing low voltage lighting system. Often we saw people who come across a bad situation. In this post, we will figure out a few things to avoid bad landscape lighting.Hiring a Professional Yes! If you want to avoid bad landscape lighting experience, hire a professional. But how do you know whether the company or person you are hiring is a qualified lighting

The importance of lighting your outdoors

Let’s celebrate the party by lighting your patios,decks,and pathways with Illuminated Gardens.Get the best ambiance for your guest or adorn a simple romantic outdoor living space for couples.Why do you want to go out and find the best eateries only for enjoying the ambiance? With our landscape lighting ideas,you can make an aura to cherish in the comforts of your own outdoor living space. Lighting can brighten up or dull any environment; it is important to ensure that your outdoor

Landscape lighting ideas for your Michigan outdoor space

Landscape lighting ideas for your Michigan outdoor spacePurpose of landscape lightingBefore spending in outdoor landscape lighting, define what your goal for adding elegance to your outdoor space.If you wants a romantic mood during evening hours or want to set up a party hall outside your home or garden space in Ann Arbor. Sometimes, you want to light up your garden corners for security purposes. Path way leading through your garden area needs landscape lighting specialist services in Ann

Why you should hire a landscape lighting specialist for your Michigan outdoor lighting

Are you looking to make your home exterior to illuminate like masterpiece? If so, showcase your beautiful home exterior with outdoor landscape lighting. You want to renovate your home exterior into stellar masterpiece, right? Then hire best landscape lighting contractor to design and install your outdoor lights.  You may think about trying DIY outdoor lighting ideas but it can’t bring a quality landscape lighting solutions offered by professionals. Here are top reasons why

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