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Our state of art Energy efficient commercial lighting fixtures offer practical and reliable lighting solutions for any commercial properties.You will find high style and cost effective architectural lighting systems for your commercial space.We provide dynamic services in bringing the best in your building spaces in unique manner.

As specialists in local landscape design, our goal is to:

Present you with the ideas that will achieve the ideal outdoor vision for your commercial property

Bring all the pieces together for you during design to help you make the best choices for your commercial spaces

We concentrate on providing best architectural lighting services in famous cities of Michigan
  • Ann arbor MI
  • Monroe MI
  • Farmington hills MI
  • Novi MI
  • Bloomfield MI
  • Canton Mi
  • Northville MI
  • Plymouth MI

Lights have a vital part to play in our daily lives. They help lead our movement from one point to another. They are a source of security for all.

One of the types of lighting available in the market is commercial lighting. Typically, such lights are used in commercial organization like shops, hospitals, government buildings, and offices. These do not include industrial and residential buildings.

In comparison to other kinds of lighting, commercial lighting fixtures have a longer lifetime, higher initial cost, high maintenance, better durability, and superior energy savings.

There are various kinds of commercial lights, which have been created for different goals. They include:

Incandescent Lights

These types of lights are among the oldest, which are meant to cater to a commercial purpose. This type of lighting is used for recessed lights and desk lights in small offices and commercial buildings. The great part about such lights is that they have the capacity to produce light as bright as the sun. Hence such lighting is ideal for those persons in the office who are seated far from natural sunlight.

Fluorescent Lights

Such lights are one of the most typically used kinds of lighting in most commercial centres. These lights are found hanging on the ceiling of most commercial centres. They are available in a variety of sizes and various types of lenses based on a need of an individual. The best part about this type of lighting is that it is among the most energy-efficient lighting in the market.

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